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There are a number of new things being posted at All About Sex - in fact, so much that it is hard for even us to keep up with!   The popularity of this website has skyrocketed beyond my wildest dreams and we know that many, many teens out there are benefiting from the information they learn here.   Even more importantly, kids are seeing what other kids have to say about sex and sexuality, and what other kids have actually experienced, sexually.   They are also benefiting from the encouragement we try to give, which, in today's conservative political climate, is getting harder and harder to do.   And kids are learning that they are not the ONLY ones their age who thinks about, and wants to have, sex every waking moment.

The political climate is getting worse, but we feel confident that the conservatives are NOT going to ultimately win, and that more openness about sex, sexuality, children and about nudity and our bodies WILL eventually win out with the American people.   One of our real struggles at All About Sex these days is in providing the sex-positive atmosphere that we want to maintain.  It is difficult to remain positive these days, what with the Religious Right taking over our Congress and the news media, with the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, and efforts to PREVENT teens from learning about healthy sexual behaviors and methods of protecting themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STD's.  But... we ARE trying.   We've added a couple of more things to the sexual humor page and we have been changing, and adding articles to, the TEEN'S PAGE constantly.   Please be patient with us as we go through our first "growing pains".

Below are just a few of the new things happening here at All About Sex!  

We're very excited about this move to a new website host, and we can hardly wait for the improvements in our site and the new things we'll be able to offer our regular visitors!   You can read a little more about it - just click on the title above.    (11/15/98)

Teaching Kids To Be Blind
And "Thinking On The Surface" an interesting article about restricting children's access to sexual information in schools, libraries and the Internet, and how the people behind the anti-sex push in America are not really taking the time to consider what they are doing... thinking on the surface of an issue rather than considering it in-depth    (11/15/98)

New Era Of Privacy Invasion
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Is There A Sexual Double Standard In America?
Is there a difference in how we Americans view boys and sex, and how we view girls and sex?   Few people would argue that we don't!   This new article takes an in-depth look at this issue and how it affects us today, and how it is a harmful double-standard that keeps girls ignorant about their own sexuality.    (10/30/98)

Teen Sexuality Poll ~ The Results Are Finally In!!
The first working poll of teens visiting our site was up for about 8 weeks and had more than 1200 participants - to whom we are greatful - and people still keep finding their way and taking it, even though we stopped it officially a few weeks ago.   The actual tabulated results have been very telling about teens in the late 1990's - and we think it is mostly GOOD NEWS!    (11/15/98)

Molested: One Family's Story
This is probably the most powerful story we've ever posted - and it shows how things are way out of control.   This is a story that EVERY PARENT needs to read.   Mature Subject Matter   (7/5/98)

"Child Sexual Abuse", "Teen Sex" Hysteria
How It Actually Hurts Our Society    (7/5/98)

Anti-sex Teaching Hurts Kids
This is true in so very many ways, and it is probably going to get worse before it gets better.  This series of articles demonstrates that while our society may be well-intentioned by discouraging any sign of sexuality in our young people, the fact is that it only hurts them, now and in the long-run.

No Free Speech Protection For Children
Well, the politicians and overzealous "child crusaders" are at it again.  A new Bill before Congress would require all schools to use filtering software to screen out certain material.  Unfortunately, this website would be inaccessible from any school or library receiving federal money.  See what YOU can do to stop this Bill!   (5/12/98)

Kid's Speak Out!
Once we began posting comments from kids about sexual issues, we suddenly found ourselves flooded with teens and pre-teens asking questions about sex - questions they would never feel comfortable asking in a sex education or health class, nor would they ask their parents.   We've been completely overwhelmed with the volume of questions being asked even though we never really offered to do Questions & Answers - in fact, we had no plans to do that at all.   But the flood of positive email and questions told us just how badly this kind of a website was needed, and we have pledged to do what we can to answer most of the questions sent in.

This area of the website immediately became the most popular and has grown by leaps and bounds already.   In fact, we are looking at having to restructure that section for the fourth time in the four months it has been up due to the menu of things to read and see becoming too huge to keep up with.   Right now, we are running almost 8 weeks behind on answering questions, and it is becoming more obvious to us that we simply cannot continue to answer every single question asked, sad as that makes us.  So now we will select those questions that are being asked by a lot of kids, and where we believe the answer is something that will benefit all of our readers.   One thing that sexuality students and researchers should consider is that this is a first of it's kind forum where children are able to openly communicate about sex without fear of their most intimate secrets and questions being discovered or ridiculed.   If one wants to know what kids today think about sex and sexuality, THIS is the place to listen to them!    (9/5/98)

KENNETH STARR: A Pornographer For Our Times
Dr. Suzy Tells It Like It Really Is!    (9/5/98)

Sex For ONE, Please!
We've beefed up and repaired a number of broken links and missing content in our section on masturbation, including a new page that is quickly becoming our second most popular page on the All About Sex website:   the "I GOT CAUGHT!" page.   This is where kids are telling other kids about instances where they were caught masturbating (or other sexual activities) by either a parent, a friend, or a stranger, and what happened to them.   These stories are pretty explicit, which we have allowed because we want to present an honest view about what kids today are saying, thinking, and experiencing - with no "sugar coating" to make the adults more comfortable with kids being sexual.    (9/5/98)

Coming Soon!
We're now working on:

  • The long asked for guide to FIRST SEXUAL INTERCOURSE
  • Updating and fully opening the Pre-Teens Section
  • The much-requested Techniques For Improved Masturbation
  • More "Kids Speak Out! postings and questions
  • Clean-up and fixing outdated or broken links throughout the site
  • Lots, Lots, MORE!
  • What Do YOU Want To Know More About? Tell Us!

Oh yeah, one other thing...   even if a topic is not ready, you can still send in a comment about it.  Comments from viewers and requests for certain topics will have a lot to do with what topics are tackled and in what order.

Hope you enjoy and learn from the items found here!

Randal, Webmaster

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