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'What the 1960's Sexual Revolution did for women, the 2000's will do for adolescents... SEXUAL LIBERATION!   Finally!"

Topics For Teens

Sex and Sexuality In The New Century

Tired of being told to "Just Say No!" to sex?

Or that you "aren't ready" for sex?
Well, kids, you won't hear it on this website.  This website believes that you have a RIGHT to your sexuality - that it is very much a part of who you are and that you are entitled to explore it, and to know everything about it!

At this website you can SAFELY learn about and explore sexuality,  you can see what others say and you can say what YOU think.  This site is about two things: 

    1. Giving you a place to SPEAK OUT to adults and other kids on sexual issues,  and

    2. LEARNING about and EXPLORING sexuality - including YOUR SEXUALITY.

All within a positive atmosphere of encouragement, where you can feel GOOD about the sexual side of WHO YOU ARE. 

This is not to say that there won't be any negativity here, because looking at BOTH the positive AND negative aspects of an issue is how you will decide, in your own mind, what is right for you and what is not.

We are starting out with just a couple of topics, but we'll introduce new ones every couple of weeks - more often if participation is good  (and if we get some help).  This is YOUR website and you can help steer the direction it goes.  We'll keep throwing out topics for discussion, but you should feel free to tell us what you want to learn about and talk about.  Maybe it is a topic your "health" class didn't cover, or something you didn't feel comfortable bringing up because you knew the response would be negative.

There are plenty of websites out there on sexuality, in general, and on sex education resources, but nearly ALL of them are geared towards, and designed for, ...adults.  The few that are there for teens have this "don't do it... you aren't ready" and "Just Say No!" attitude.  It seems as though many are saying that sex is something  that was meant to be reserved just for "special" people - just one segment of the entire world's population... i.e. ADULTS - actually, only for a MARRIED male and female adult.  Everyone else, apparently, is not entitled to it, regardless of the fact that it was a tremendous GIFT given to the entire human race.

Well, no matter what anyone thinks about sexuality, the FACT is that God (or Nature, if you prefer) created every single one of us as a sexual being, from infancy through old age, and gave us all equipment that works quite well long before adulthood or marriage.  Our guess is that you probably know this and don't understand why adults want to reserve this wonderful, beautiful form of expressing love just for themselves or just for "special people" (like a married male/female - heterosexuals).  Well, sadly, it basically comes down to ignorance, fear, selfishness and their belief that they are "morally superior" to the rest of us.

At this site, hopefully, you will learn about the sexual side of your personality, and you'll begin to better understand why having sex is, indeed, a pretty big deal.  We would also like for you to be able to learn how to be a caring, skillful lover - something most sex education classes "can't" encourage you to be.  We also would like for you to be able to learn more about what other kids, both heterosexual and homosexual, think about, with the aim of improving communication and understanding between both orientations.  You will also learn about sexuality in other cultures in this world (I don't know very much about sexuality on other planets - ha!), and you will see the "why, how and who" of those who want to deny you that side of yourself. 

Adults did not give you your sexuality, and they don't have the right to take it away from you either.  That practice has gone on for much too long, and it is time for things to change.  This is YOUR chance to be a part of that change.  Your chance to make one of our "beliefs" come true:

    "What the 1960's did for the sexuality of women, the 2000's will do for adolescents...
    ...SEXUAL LIBERATION !    finally!

Now... EXPLORE the different sections of this website - teens are welcome in ALL sections - there is nothing here that is "Adults Only".

Oh yeah, one other thing you need to do while here... you need to

and tell All About Sex what YOU want to talk about.

Take A
Teen Sexuality Pole!

Learning About

Masturbation Is Healthy!

So Why Don't We Teach It?

An Essay On Virginity

A Really Beautiful Essay

First Intercourse

Making The Decision

Sexual Orientation vs. Experimentation

Could I Be Gay?

Homosexuality And Religion

Is It Really A Sin???

Where's The Medical Info?

You Know, AIDS, Condoms, Birth Control...

Did You Know...

...that the teen
rate in
is 9 times
~ yes, I said

higher than in
that give
sexual freedom,
such as Japan
The Netherlands?? ¹

Talking About

Criminalizing Teen Sexuality

What Is Wrong With These People?

Good Things For The Future

A Great Time To Be Young!

Is The Younger Generation Totally Screwed Up About Sex?

You Won't Believe What We Are Finding Across America!

In YOUR Name

Adults "Say" They Are Protecting YOU!  ...But Are They Really?

Future Teen Topics

What Do You Want To Know More About?

This Is Your Site

The more you participate, the more this website will grow, and the more people it will reach.

We're just starting this journey into the next Century together, and there is much work to be done.  This website is dedicated to you and your Adolescent Sexual Rights.  We've started the ball rolling with these first few topics, but YOU need make the next move.  You can do that by telling All About Sex what things about sexuality has you the most curious,  or what HOT topics you want to talk about!


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 Local Youth To Explore Own Body!

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 FBI Investigates Schoolgirl Crushes!

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¹   "Pregnant On Purpose" - Article in the August 1997 issue of TEEN Magazine by Alison Bell - p107 Providing good statistical data on sexuality and teen pregnancy, citing the Alan Guttmacher Institute (NY) as it's source.

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From "Today's Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen", posted with special permission. Be sure to visit Randy's Home Page for a brand new cartoon every day and much more!  Randy has graciously volunteered to provide humorous cartoons for the All About Sex website, and we appreciate his help!

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