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The Pre-Teens section is still being finished

Talking to kids your age about sex is very important, and we want to make sure we get it "just" right.  We believe we will have this section open before the end of January, but you can go ahead and set your bookmark now so you can come back here often - if Mom & Dad say it is OK. 

If you and your parents would like, you may take a "preview" look at the Pre-Teens page to see what kind of topics we will be starting with.  You can also go ahead and let us know what you think of this so far by going to the "Speak Your Mind" page.  Kids are already "speaking out", and you can read their comments here.

There are other pages and sections that are open on this website, but be sure and have your parent's permission before you go exploring.  Tell them not too worry, because at this time there are no "adult-only" pages on this website.

We're glad you visited here, and we hope you will be back often!

The Pre-Teens Section Should Look Something Like This...

FBI Investigates
Schoolgirl Crushes!

A Very Funny Story
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Kid's Poll About Sex!
NEWKids Speak Out !
Talking about things is one way people learn about new things.  We learn from knowing FACTS about something, and we learn from hearing about people's feelings, thoughts and experiences with things.  This website is about something called "sexuality" that is a very important part of being a human.
You have probably heard the word "sex" before, and you might even know a little bit about it.  At this website you can learn about sex and you can learn about sexuality, but you can also talk about what you have learned and what you think about it.  Because you might not know very much about sex and sexuality, there will be more information and FACTS about it here than discussion or opinion like there is in the sections for teens and adults.  After you've learned more about sex, and if your parents say that it is O.K., you can look at other areas of this website and see what other people are talking about these days.

So...    are you ready to start?

First We Learn...

Just click on the starflare next to the topic you want!

What Is Sex?   What Is Sexuality?

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

What Does "Sex For One" Mean?


What Are "Sexually Transmitted Diseases" ?

Then We Talk...

What Is Right And Good About This Time

Tired Of Hearing About The Way Childhood Used To Be?  Is This A Good Time?

How Does Sex Affect You In Your Everyday Life?

Is It Better To Be A Girl Or A Boy?

How Do You Feel About How Your Parents Are Handling Your Sexuality?

What Level Of Sexuality or Sexual Activity Should Kids Be Allowed?   Any At All?

What Do You Want To Learn And Talk About?

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Kids Are Smarter!   Adults Are More Terrified!

The following is a portion of an article in the Jan98 WIRED Magazine titled: "Taking Stock - What's Changed In The Last Five Years" by Jaron Lanier - ©1998 WIRED Magazine - All Rights Reserved

Kids are smarter.  Not all kids, alas.  But the ones on the favorable side of the curve are zooming!  Five years ago we already knew that kids learned computer technology more easily than adults.  What we're seeing now is that they don't even need to be taught.  It is as if children were waiting all these centuries for someone to invent their native language.  My favorite anecdote concerns a 3-year-old girl who complained that the TV was broken because all she could do was change channels. [no keyboard... get it?]  The first generation of postconsumers has been born!

Adults are more terrified.  They fear losing control to a younger generation that is more digitally nimble.  Because parents can't understand what their kids are doing on the Web, there are calls for a level of censorship and control of communication that no dictator has ever enjoyed. [CDA, CDA2]  There have been hysterical reactions to young cyberpranksters.  What needs to be remembered is this:  We are witnessing the most productive, intelligent, and optimitistic example of youthful rebellion in the history of the world!

Damn Right!  Way To Go Kids!

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FACTS are things that we KNOW are true.  They have been proven to be correct, or to actually exist, usually by scientists or other experts.

OPINIONS are what we THINK or BELIEVE about something.  Someone's opinion might or might not be correct or true.  Often times, an opinion about a certain topic or idea is based on how a person feels about it.  Also, what they feel is right or wrong, either for themselves, or even right or wrong for everyone. 

An example of a fact and an opinion would be:

This star is blue.  That is a FACT.

This star is a very pretty shade of blue.  That is one person's OPINION.  Someone else might look at it and think that it is not a very pretty shade of blue, and that would be their opinion about it.

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The First Kid's Poll About Sex!

YEP, It IS for real!  But, like the Pre-Teens page, we are "fine-tuning" the poll right now and it should be ready when the Pre-Teens section opens at the end of January.  Questions on this first poll are designed to find out the ages, sex, and background of those pre-teens visiting this site, and finding out how many of them talk freely with their parents about sex.  The poll does not ask for their name or personal info (like email address) and it is absolutely safe and anonymous for anyone to take.  A few people have expressed concern that kid's who take this poll will automatically be revealing their email address to us, but this not correct.  Simply completing the poll and hitting the "Submit" button will NOT reveal your email address or even what Internet Service Provider (ISP) you are using.  Only the answers to the questions are submitted to us.  Results will be posted as soon as we begin recieving input, and will be updated often. 

One other note...   Please understand that this poll is not scientific and there is no way to confirm what each person says.  The results, when posted, will just be for FUN!

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Wanna See Some More Sexual Humor?

From "Today's Cartoon by Randy Glasbergen", posted with special permission. Be sure to visit Randy's Home Page for a brand new cartoon every day and much more!  Randy has graciously volunteered to provide humorous sexuality and relationship-related cartoons for the All About Sex website, and we appreciate his help!

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