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O.K., I've got a confession to make:  being mostly concerned with future generations (not that today's adults are a lost cause or anything) and seeing them as the greatest hope for a positive change in sexual attitudes, I have not given this page the attention it deserves.  I am well aware that more and more adults are interested in learning more about sex and sexuality - I love learning new facts about sex and seeing new and different perspectives on today's sexuality issues.  I don't think I am alone - in fact, I know I am not alone.  The vast number of websites about sex, about sexual orientation, about sexy images and about sexual messages attests to this fact.

Below are a few topics and articles to get things going here, but I am counting on YOU to tell me what sexual topics adults want to discuss and debate.  Also, you should take a look at the "What's Happening NOW!" page, which has many, many hot and interesting topics from current news that adults will find of interest.  The same goes for the "Topics For Teens" page - especially if you want to know what's on the minds of today's youth.

Send your requests for future topics and suggestions to:

Interesting Topics For Adults

Outlawing Sex In Your Bedroom! - Even For Consenting Adults!

Mother Sued For Sexually Active Son

Changing Attitudes

About Kids and Sex - Can We Really Do It?
Their Sexual Health Depends On It!

Politics As Usual

Are things ever going to change?
Living your life as you believe you were intended
"HOT" Book Reviews
The theme "A New Age Of Information" applies to more than just the Internet.  Some of the first reviews are "Promiscuities" by feminist Naomi Wolf,   and "Going All The Way" by researcher Sharon Thompson.  Check 'em out!

Alternatives To Sexual Intercourse

Moving the focus from "screwing" to an overall super-sensuous experience
Protecting Children
One of the most-talked about issues of the decade ~ but are we really helping?
"Loving More" Lifestyle
Other-centered sexuality ~ a lifestyle that everyone could benefit from
Erotic stories, poetry and art are at an all-time high ~ is this a good thing?
The Road Ahead
Is this a good time?  What does the future hold for us?
Porn And The Anti-Porn
A major issue these days that's getting a lot of attention...  where do you stand?
Possible Adult Topics Coming Soon
What do YOU want to talk about?

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