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"It is an odd fact that what we know now of the mental and emotional life of infants surpasses what we comprehend about adolescents, these older children of ours who could -- given the opportunity -- speak so eloquently about their sexual and moral dilemmas."

~ Louise Kaplan
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, © 1992

Note:  This is a DISCUSSION website about sexuality.  It is NOT a porno or sexually-oriented business website.  All ages are welcome here, and this site voluntarily follows guidelines for parental control software.

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We Are Moving!!

But Don't Worry, We'll Still Be:

YEAH!!   Finally!   For months now we have been struggling with the overwhelming success and response to the All About Sex website -- something we are thrilled about, by the way.   We've had a very difficult time keeping up with the large volume of email we are getting from teens, and sometimes adults, and we've had to leave a lot of messages and comments o unanswered, and we feel terrible about that - we wish we could answer every single message and question we get.

We have also struggled with the expense of having a popular website with high traffic and lots of content since we take in no funding whatsoever and pay for everything out of one person's pocket.   And we have been very unhappy with our current website host, Webcom and the availability and speeds of our site, not too mention serious problems they have with billing and overcharging accounts, and the fact that they have not added one single feature for websites in the year and a half we've been here.   This has been frustrating for us because we have had to do many things by hand that could be automated and give us more time to respond to emails.

So....   over the next 30 days or so we will be moving our site to a new host, in Ft. Lauderdale, and we will also be sort of re-structuring our site a bit to make navigation easier and to make sure more of our links remain working links.   We probably will not change the look too much, and the actual move to another host will be pretty much invisible to you, the viewer. Since we are keeping the same web address, you will continue to see the old site while we set up the new one, and then one day, when we actually are ready, we'll do some fancy Internet computer work and suddenly you'll start seeing the new site. You won't have to learn a new address/URL, and you shouldn't have to go "hunting" us.

We have a lot of new ideas for things that have not been possible for us before, such as automated poll-taking and automated responses and comparison's to other people's answers. We may automate the upload of stories in the "I Got Caught!" section, providing we can find some volunteers who will faithfully monitor those uploads and delete inappropriate postings.   We may automate some other things, too, and we may put in a centralized navigation system as well.

So please be "extra" patient with us for the next 60 days, as we are going to be even more tied up than usual making this move. However, the new host has a large variety of enhancements we can use on our site and we believe that this will be a major overall improvement to our site and well worth the extra effort right now.   We don't like not being able to answer as many questions or post as many of the I Got Caught stories as we wish, but if you are patient with us now, the improvements in the site and new automation will make for a much better website after the first of the year - 1999 - Wow! Can you actually believe it?   The year nineteen hundred and ninety-nine!!!   And then the year 2000 - which is even more incredible.   It is truly going to be an exciting and wonderful new Century - one where YOUTH will rule!

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